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What is the difference between a virtual consultation and an initial consultation?

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    Virtual Consultation

    The virtual consultation is free initial conversation with a therapist, via telephone or video call, to help you understand the process of getting an assessment for autism or ADHD. This is available whether you are considering the self-pay route or are currently on the NHS waiting list for an assessment. It is entirely optional.

    Topics of conversation during the consultation could include:

    • Concerns that you have about your child’s development, or questions about your own suspected autism or ADHD
    • Any particular adjustments that you or your child may need before visiting one of our venues
    • Clarification on what the assessment process entails

    Initial Consultation

    An initial consultation, in contrast, must be carried out before the full assessment can take place, as the clinician requires a comprehensive history and context for the individual concerned before conducting the assessment itself. These can also be conducted virtually or face to face depending on your requirements.

    If you have any questions how to get assessed for autism or ADHD, please get in touch with our team.

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