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Understanding hyperactivity and ADHD

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    What is hyperactivity?

    Hyperactivity can be simply described as a state where you are unusually active. The 'H' in ADHD stands for 'hyperactivity', and this can be seen in behaviours such as:

    • Constant movement
    • Impulsive behaviour
    • Easily distracted 
    • Aggression
    • Constant fidgeting 
    • Acting without thinking

    This can be seen where children may fidget, wriggle, or find it difficult to stay in one place for long. When speaking, people of all ages with hyperactive traits may be seen as having 'no filter' - i.e. they blurt out answers or interrupt others when speaking.

    Hyperactive / impulsive ADHD is the manifestation of ADHD that many people imagine when they think of the disorder. It is characterised by excessive physical movement, impulsive behaviour, and difficulty keeping focused. ADHD is a very individual experience that can display in different ways, but it can broadly be split into two types - hyperactive and inattentive ADHD. These can also be seen together in combined behaviours.

    What is the difference between hyperactive and inattentive ADHD?

    Inattentive ADHD is a different manifestation of ADHD symptoms. It primarily refers to low concentration, while hyperactivity or impulsivity often refers to movement. Some of the symptoms include:

    • A short attention span
    • Struggling to keep organised
    • Being forgetful 
    • Difficulty keeping to tasks that are time-consuming
    • Making 'careless' mistakes

    Research has shown that hyperactive ADHD is typically seen in boys and men, whereas inattentive behaviours correlate more with girls and women. It can often be more straightforward to identify hyperactive behaviours, particularly in children, because they are marked by an excess of movement as opposed to inattentive behaviours that can be explained by other means. ADHD can come in many forms, so it's important to consider all types of the disorder when diagnosing and managing it. If you need advice on hyperactivity and ADHD, contact our team today.

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