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What is ADHD?

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    You might have heard of the word ADHD.

    ADHD is all about the way your brain works.

    Some people have brains that go really fast like a racing car.

    You might come up with lots of ideas and have lots of energy to run around.

    But your brain can get tired, like a racing car that is running out of fuel.

    When your brain gets too tired, it can be difficult to concentrate.

    You might also find it hard to sit still, or to remember things.

    That's why it helps to know how to take care of your brain.

    Just like a racing car, when you go to the pit stop and get help from mechanics.

    Lots of people are here to help you learn how to drive your brain.

    If you have been told you have ADHD, you are not alone.

    It's very likely that you know somebody with ADHD!

    Talk to your parents or teachers if you have questions about ADHD.

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